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Blip Blink & Move Laboratory (BBML) 

At the Blip Blink & Move Laboratory (BBML) at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, we do strange but beautiful things with electricity. We believe in the superiority of DC power. We believe in reverse engineering. We love old gadgets, the Salvation Army store and 9V batteries are our best friends. We make art, and we believe in the expressive potential of an open breadboard circuit. The motto of BBML is "don't fear art, don't fear electronics." 

We run several classes here at BBML: two undergraduate workshops (Creative Electronics Workshop, Building Interfaces for Ubiquitous Musical Expression), and a slightly more advanced MFA level course (Making Things that Blip, Blink and Move: Introduction to Physical Computing).


Samson Young
Assistant Professor
School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong
Rm 6016, CMC Building

Assistant Hacker

2013 (fall)
Audrey Samson
Ph.D student (email: asamson2-c [at]


Undergraduate Core
SM2705 Creative Media Studio III: Technology, Coding & Tangible Media
(I teach only the physical computing module within this studio)
[course outline]

Undergraduate Elective
SM2285 Creative Electronics and Introduction to Physical Computing
[course outline]
SM2709 Building Interfaces for Ubiquitous Musical Expression
[course outline]

Graduate Elective
SM5332 Making Things Blip, Blink and Move: Introduction to Physical Computing
[course outline