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Electronics Workshop


The electronics workshop, located on the 2nd floor of the CMC building, is a designated space for hacking and soldering type work. Students taking 2285, 2705, 2709 or 5532 have access to the studio between 9am - 6pm on weekdays during the semester. If you are taking these units and your student ID is not giving you access, please email Garry smgarry [at] and let him know.

Off-hours access

If you need access to the studio after 6pm or on the weekends, please email the TA-in-charge.

Rules regarding the use of the workshop

On the shelves inside of the workshop you will find an assortment of electronic components, as well as tool boxes containing soldering iron and various handy tools. You are allowed to work with these components and equipments inside of the workshop only.

NEVER, EVER take equipments and sensors out of the workshop. This is very important as in-workshop resources are shared by several classes. If you need to take Arduino boards and/or sensors to work with at home, check out a set with your student ID at the production center.

The workshop is a shared space used by all hackers at SCM, including students and faculties. Keep the workshop clean and tidy, return furitures to their original positions after use.


Equipments & Tools

The following equipments are available to all comrades taking 2285, 2705, 2709 or 5532 through the production center. Please direct your requests to the TA-in-charge.

A whole bunch of sensors not listed above will be tested in-class, including: Flex Sensor 4.5,” Flexiforce Pressure Sensor, 2-Axis Joystick, Piezo Vibration Sensor, 3-Axis Accelerometer, HotPot Rotary Potentiometer, and SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer of various configurations, etc. These sensors are only for use during class. They are not available for overnight loan. You will need to purchase your own set if you needed to work with them at home.

Tools? Check out this video from MAKE: