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This module is one-half of the school core "Creative Media Studio III: Creative Coding and Tangible Media." In this module, students will learn to build simple interactive systems using embedded systems and common electronic components. This module exposes students to the open-source hardware platform Arduino, and a range of sensors and actuators. This is not an electrical engineering class, so the bases of knowledge that this course covers will not be comprehensive. Rather, it covers specifically those aspects of electronics and physical computing that most often concerns artists.


1. Attendance + Reseaerch Blog
2. Quick-hack Task II: Push Button Piano
3. Quick-hack Task III: Sensor Report + Implementation Example


Week 1

Electronics for Dummies I

Rudiments of Electricity

Introduction to Common Electronic Components (1)

Tutorial: Fundamentals, multi-meter


Week 2

Electronics for Dummies II

Introduction to Common Electronic Components (2)

Buddha Machine Hacking**

Reading Schematics

Noise Maker Circuit**

Tutorial: Blinking LED Circuit**


Week 3

Arduino Basics I

General Introduction & Code Structures I

Basic I/O (LED, light sensor & push buttons)

Basic Serial Communication

Sensors I: Ultrasonic Ping**

Tutorial: Arduino


Week 4

Arduino Basics II

Code Structures II

Programming Sound and Music with Arduino, Hairless MIDI + Garage Band, Tone Library

Sensors II: Piezo, 4 directional tilt

Tutorial: Push Button Piano**


Week 5


2 Axis Joystick, Flexiforce, Servo, Compass

Advanced Serial Communication Continued: Getting Arduino to Talk to Processing and MAX/MSP**

Tutorial: Sensor Report


Week 6

Sensor Report Presentation

Sensor Report Due