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The graduate studio is an introduction to electronics and physical computing for artists and designers. Through circuit emulation, circuit hacking, reverse engineering and simple circuit design, students will acquire foundational knowledge in electronics. This is not an electrical engineering class, and the bases of knowledge that this course covers will not be comprehensive. Rather, it covers specifically those aspects of electronics that most often concerns artists. This class also serves as an introduction to the Arduino platform.


1. Attendance 10%
2. Sensor Report 20%
3. Prototype presentation 30%
4. Exhibition 40%

CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change)




Week 1

Jan 14

-- No class this week --


Week 2

Jan 21

General house keeping

Electronics for dummies I

Introduction to common electronic components I

Laser-cutting workshop


Week 3

Jan 28

Electronics for dummies II

Introduction to common electronic components II

Buddha machine / sound toy hacking

3D printing workshop


Week 4

Feb 4

Arduino I

(Setup, programming environment, syntax, basic I/O)

Take-home assignment I: blinker 


[Patches & codes]

Week 5

Feb 11

Arduino II

(More syntax, Arduino and MIDI, sample playback)

Take-home assignment II: push button piano

[Hairless MIDI]

[Patches & codes]


Week 6

Feb 25

Arduino III

(Serial communication, Arduino-Processing, Arduino-PD)



[Patches & codes]

Week 7

March 4

Sensor report

[Report template]

Week 8

March 11

Puredata I

(PD basics, sequencer, synthesis basics)

[Patches & codes]

Week 9

Mach 18

Puredata II

(Sampling, HIDs, reading/writing files)

[Patches & codes]

Week 10

March 25

Wireless & OSC

(Connecting Arduino, Processing, PD, and mobile devices)

Fritzing / circuit design and printing workshop


[Patches & codes]

Week 11

April 1

Prototype presentation


Week 12

April 15

Hacklab I



Week 13

April 22

Hacklab II


Week 14

April 29

Class exhibition @ 6/F balcony project space

Setup: April 28 (9am -)

Critique: April 29, 3pm

Exhibition opening: April 29, 5pm

Dismantling: May 4 (9am -)